EnAyat Salukis

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In 2003, I acquired my first Saluki from Jaqi TerHAAR, Sterling Salukis,  "Dude" Can. CH. Sterling Zaharah Flamenco, CGN was my Introduction to the Saluki world. In 2006, I imported EnAyat NikA Hadi el Basher from Belgium, NikA has proven him self in the ring and is pointed in the field. Rah, Barakisch Naxost Xalife came to live with me in 2007. After the loss of Dude & Rah, Py came to live with me and Nika. My hounds are first and foremost companions and live in the House as part of the Family. I participate in conformation showing and lure-coursing. My Salukis are exclusively owner Handled. My passion for Salukis has inspired me to paint this fascinating Breed, a part of antiquity! I have occasionally a limited number of prints available; commissions can take up to a year. I have made some of my artwork available to Saluki Breed Clubs to be used in their fundraiser, if your interested please contact me.